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The story that lies behind Vida Lures depicts not only a new and original style, but also an approach targeting both large and small fish.

What stands behind the creation of these unique lures is a carefully constructed analysis of the laws that rule the water, along with the study of life and hunting habits of numerous freshwater fish species meticulous work and patient research. Vida Lures represent a great combination of mathematical calculations and combinations, rhythmic and dynamic movements, and a skillfully constructed imitation of the natural prey. The results are the comparisons of the experience in different waters, and the respect of fisherman's wishes and demands. The aim of these actions is the popularization of many fishing technique’s, from ultra light to heavy, and bringing them up to a higher level. Alluring, and very exciting fishing is classified into the same category as fun, and if you think that you have already tried everything that is the best in its own class, and that has already been offered to the domestic market, you should think again…

Vida Lures represent various artificial baits that are skillfully combined into a single soft silicon fish body produced by the means of advanced manufacturing technology, with a recognizable appearance, and high movement frequency. The attractive, practically models have an innovative design, and a great variety of sizes, weights and colors. They are constructed to be used in both recreational and experience anglers. The high quality material with excellent workmanship and flexibility to adjust the vibration, along with attractive vibrations, make Vida Lures a hunting product whose successful hunting performance has been proven and confirmed in many of our large and small rivers and lakes. The advanced combination of current trends, numerous mathematical combinations and calculations, shapes and sizes, vibration and efficiency, and , above all, the comfort in fishing, make Vida Lures a necessary item in the boxes of the predator anglers who have tried it. And their number has only been going up.